Cross-Platform App Development Company

A cross-platform app development company specializes in creating applications that operate seamlessly on multiple operating systems using a single codebase, such as web, Android, and iOS mobile platforms.

Cross-Platform Development Services

Our services enable businesses to reach a broader audience with consistent functionality and design across all devices, improving efficiency and reducing development time and costs.

Comprehensive App Development

We offer a full spectrum of cross-platform app development services, ensuring applications are functional, responsive, and visually appealing across all devices and platforms. This includes designing, coding, testing, and deploying applications that deliver a seamless user experience on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

App Migration

Our skilled team can successfully migrate your existing applications to cross-platform environments. We ensure minimal disruption and efficient transition, allowing your app to reach a wider audience while maintaining functionality and aligning with business strategy.

UI/UX Design

We are passionate about designing cross-platform apps that blend aesthetics and functionality. Our user-friendly interfaces meet the modern standards of cross-platform app development, enhancing user experiences.

QA & Testing

Quality assurance and testing are at the core of our services. We rigorously test your cross-platform app to detect and fix any bugs, errors, or issues that may affect your app performance or user satisfaction.

Maintenance and Support

Understanding the importance of ongoing app maintenance and support, Join.To.IT provides comprehensive services to ensure apps remain up-to-date and perform optimally. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support to address any issues that arise post-launch.

Consultation and Strategy

JoinToIT offers expert consultation services for businesses seeking cross-platform app development with wide functionality. We will show insights and advice to navigate the complexities of cross-platform development, help determine business objectives, and start your project.

Case Studies

Our case studies showcase the breadth and depth of our expertise in cross-platform app development across various industries.

Features of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Unified Codebase

Clients receive a solution that leverages a single codebase to run across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. This approach significantly reduces development time and costs, making it ideal for projects aiming for a quick launch on both platforms without compromising quality or performance.

Consistent User Experience

Cross-platform mobile development ensures a consistent and engaging user experience across all devices and operating systems. This feature is crucial for brands that maintain a strong, unified identity and user interface (UI) consistency, regardless of the user's device.

Broad Reach and Engagement

Clients can maximize their market reach and user engagement by developing apps compatible with multiple platforms. This feature particularly benefits consumer-facing apps targeting a wide audience, including e-commerce, social media, and educational platforms.

Faster Time to Market

A single codebase allows for faster development, testing, and deployment cycles. Clients can expect their projects to move swiftly from concept to launch, enabling them to capitalize on market opportunities more quickly. This feature is ideal for startups and businesses seeking a competitive edge.

Cost-Effective Development

Cross-platform development is more cost-effective than native app development for each platform. Clients benefit from reduced development and maintenance costs over the app's lifecycle, making it an attractive option for projects with limited budgets or those seeking to maximize their return on investment.

Easy Maintenance and Updates

Updating and maintaining the app becomes significantly easier and more efficient with a unified codebase. Clients can push updates simultaneously across all platforms, ensuring all users can access the latest features and security enhancements without delay.

Customizable and Adaptive Solutions

Clients receive highly customizable and adaptive solutions tailored to their project requirements. Whether it's a complex enterprise application or a simple consumer app, cross-platform development allows for integrating unique features, custom designs, and specific functionalities that align with the client's vision and objectives.

Industries Served By Our Cross-Platform App Development Company

JoinToIT has a rich history of serving diverse industries, leveraging our deep expertise to deliver solutions that meet each sector's unique challenges and opportunities.

Banking & Financial Services

Deliver secure, scalable solutions for seamless transactions and data management


Optimize operations with automation, real-time tracking, and predictive maintenance

Health care & Fitness

Enhance patient care and fitness experiences through telemedicine, wearables, and personalized apps

Gas & Oil Production

Streamline production, monitor assets, and ensure safety with IoT and data analytics

Transportation and Logistics

Enable efficient route planning, tracking, and inventory management for smooth operations

Restaurant Order & Food Delivery

Power online orders, deliveries, and customer engagement for restaurants

Construction Services

Manage projects, resources, and timelines effectively with project management tools

Retail E-commerce

Create engaging online stores with personalized shopping, payment gateways, and inventory management

Tourism & Hospitality

Offer booking platforms, guest management, and experiences to enhance the hospitality sector

Government and State Contractors

Develop secure, compliant solutions for public services and contract management

Your case is not on the list?

If your industry is not listed, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and market opportunities, develop a comprehensive project plan, and estimate the necessary expenses. To validate your idea and calculate the return on investment, we can start by creating an MVP. Let's discuss your business requirements to find the optimal solution for you!

Technologies We Use

We are adept in a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and platforms for cross-platform mobile app development services

Making applications for the iOS and Android operating systems, we utilize a range of popular stacks and frameworks, such as React Native and Flutter. These technologies allow us to create cross-platform applications that offer a native experience on both iOS and Android devices. By using these frameworks, we can ensure a reliable cross platform app development service and flawless system performance across various platforms.

iOS & Android Platform

Making applications for the iOS and Android operating systems, we utilize a range of popular stacks and frameworks, such as React Native and Flutter. These technologies allow us to create cross-platform applications that offer a native experience on both iOS and Android devices. By using these frameworks, we can ensure a reliable cross platform app development service and flawless system performance across various platforms.

Web-Based Cross-Platform

For web-based cross-platform apps, we rely on key technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. These technologies allow us to build versatile and responsive applications that can run seamlessly in web browsers on different devices. By utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript, we ensure that your app can reach a broader audience and be accessible on various platforms, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Process of Our Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

Our cross-platform application development company has several phases in the process of developing apps.

Consultation and Strategy
The first step of our cross-platform development company involves an in-depth initial consultation to understand your business objectives, target audience, and specific requirements. During this phase, we work closely with you to develop a strategic plan that outlines the project scope, timelines, and key milestones. This ensures the project aligns with your business goals and sets the foundation for success.
Design and Prototyping
Once the strategy is in place, our team proceeds to the design and prototyping stage. Here, our UI/UX designers create engaging and intuitive designs tailored to enhance user experience across all platforms. We develop prototypes that provide a tangible feel of the app's look and functionality, allowing feedback and iterations to refine the concept before moving into development.
At this stage, our skilled cross-platform developers use the latest frameworks to bring the designs to life, ensuring optimal performance, functionality, and compatibility across iOS, Android, and other specified platforms.
QA and Testing
After development, our quality assurance team conducts thorough testing, including functional, performance, and usability tests, to identify and fix any issues, ensuring the app is reliable and bug-free.
Deployment and Launch
After rigorous testing and final approval, we move to the deployment phase, where the app is launched on the designated platforms. Our team manages the launch process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal visibility. We closely monitor the app's performance post-launch to address immediate feedback or issues.
Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Recognizing that development doesn’t end with the launch, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the app remains up-to-date with the latest OS versions and technological advancements. This includes regular updates, performance optimization, and adding new features to keep the app competitive and engaging for its users.

Client Testimonials

Client reviews, like nothing else, will tell you how our bespoke approach to software development exceeds expectations and creates robust solutions for your business

Alex Gold CEO at Orcatec
Since engaging with them, we’ve had almost 300 daily users on our platform, which is huge because we charge $50 per user. Overall, they’ve exceeded my financial and creative expectations — I’m 100% satisfied with their work. They’ve done great in terms of budgets and timelines; they don’t deliver empty promises.
Henry Cho Digital Product Manager of Spinning
The project was to create a video on demand service for in-door cycling classes filmed by Spinning Master Instructors. These classes are shot on location in Los Angeles and delivered to subscribers via iOS and Android applications. The app has seen very large increase in subscriber base and low churn. Ease of use and cost of maintenance are extremely low.
Bhavin Swaly COO & Co-founder at Hotel Bonanza
Join.To.It has significantly raised the site's standard of quality, resolving a lot of issues we had with the previous version built by another vendor. They're very responsive and proactive about using project management tools, including Trello, Bitbucket, Slack, and Skype. We also hold daily standup meetings, so nothing falls through the cracks.
Anila Hasaj Product Manager
Artem and JoinToIT team did a great job at creating and pushing to live our software as well as supporting it and updating in production. We’ve been cooperating with the team since 2019 on many various projects. Team proved that they have great quality and great support as well as timely and professional communication.
Ruairi Tubrid COO of
The team at created and delivered a very complex end to end booking platform for medical tourism inclusive of all travel elements. They do their best to support you as a start up and we are very happy to continue working with them on a maintenance front and for any future platform developments.
Kyle Campbell Owner
My goal was to build an amazing, highly customized platform. I can draw up anything imaginable and give it to them, and they will do it. Other programmers complained about my specifications, but Join.To.It was the first and only firm I found that was willing to build whatever I wanted. They keep things quite organized. The project manager sends regular updates, including new work estimates to approve. I can also chat with both developers about what they’re working on in real time.

JoinToIT Approach To Cross-Platform Application Development

Tailored Solutions

Our approach is centered around understanding your unique business needs and goals. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that aligns with your specific project requirements. This tailored approach ensures that the end product meets and exceeds your expectations, providing a competitive edge in your market.

Agile Methodology

We adopt an agile development methodology, allowing flexibility, rapid iteration, and continuous feedback throughout the project lifecycle. This approach ensures that we can quickly adapt to changes and incorporate your feedback efficiently, leading to a more refined final product.

Collaborative Partnership

At JoinToIT, we view our clients as partners rather than just customers. We maintain open lines of communication and involve you in every step of the development process. This collaborative partnership ensures we are always aligned with your vision and can make informed decisions together.

Emphasis on Quality Assurance

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our dedicated QA team employs rigorous testing methods to ensure your app is reliable, bug-free and performs seamlessly across all platforms and devices. This commitment to quality means you can trust that your app will provide an exceptional user experience.


What is cross-platform app development?
Cross-platform app development involves creating software applications compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. This approach enables your app to run on various devices, ensuring wider reach and cost savings on development and maintenance.
Is cross-platform development future-proof?
Cross-platform development is an excellent way to future-proof your app. It allows for easy updates and scalability across different operating systems, ensuring your app stays relevant as new devices and OS versions emerge.
Which framework is best for cross-platform development?
Selecting the best framework depends on your project's requirements. React Native and Flutter are popular for their performance and UI consistency, but we recommend cross-platform development consulting to find the perfect fit for your app.
How do I choose the right cross-platform technology?
The right cross-platform technology for your project will depend on various factors, including performance needs, development speed, and specific feature requirements. An offshore cross-platform app developing service can help you assess your needs to choose the most advantageous technology.
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