Hire A Dedicated Development Team

Unleash the full potential of your projects without the hassle of team management. Choose our dedicated software development team at JoinToIT to meet deadlines and accomplish every project goal with ease.

Dedicated Development Team Services We Provide

A Dedicated Development Team is a partnership model widely used in software development for remote collaboration with clients. The team may consist of developers team members, testers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, designers, business analysts, and other specialists. Their sole focus is on executing the project within the set timeline and budget. The dedicated development team model is opening the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality software.

Create seamless integration with your current team and get additional resources and expertise whenever you need it. Whether you require specialized skills for a short-term project or extended support for ongoing development, our dedicated professionals are ready to join forces with your in-house team.

IT Stuff Augmentation

Create seamless integration with your current team and get additional resources and expertise whenever you need it. Whether you require specialized skills for a short-term project or extended support for ongoing development, our dedicated professionals are ready to join forces with your in-house team.

Hiring Dedicated Team

Get access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals that exclusively works on your projects. This team is handpicked to match your specific requirements, and they become a true extension of your business. You have full control and direct communication with your dedicated team, ensuring a tailored approach to achieving your goals.

Who Fits A Dedicated Development Team

Embarking on a successful collaboration with a dedicated development team is like finding the perfect fit for both complexity and scale. It seamlessly accommodates long-term, intricate projects with potential for expansion, as well as smaller ventures requiring specialized replacements. This model adapts to various business scenarios, such as:

Startup Surge

Ideal for startups needing robust tech support without the commitment of hiring a full in-house team. Scale your tech capabilities efficiently without compromising quality.

Project Peaks

Handle intermittent high loads of work or sudden project expansions without disrupting your current team. A dedicated team of developers slots right into your project puzzle, ensuring smooth transitions.

Resource Gaps

When specific expertise is needed for a finite period, a dedicated team steps in to fill the gaps. Whether it's for a critical phase or sporadic requirements, you have the expertise without the permanent commitment.

Tech Refresh

For businesses looking to modernize or adopt new technologies, a dedicated team provides the necessary skills and guidance for a seamless transformation.

Dedicated Team Of Developers For Hire

A prepared team for dedicated software development is tailored to your specific business needs and goals, incorporating our recommendations for what suits you best. Our committed development teams comprise diverse specialists, ensuring satisfaction with the unique requirements of your project.

Business Analyst

Collaborate with our skilled Business Analysts who bring in-depth market insights and strategic thinking to the table. They analyze your business requirements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your project goals and facilitating effective decision-making.

UX/UI Designers

Elevate your user experience with our talented UX/UI Designers. They blend aesthetics and functionality to create visually stunning and user-friendly designs, ensuring a seamless and engaging interaction for your audience

Software Developers

Tap into the expertise of our dedicated developers, the core of our dedicated team. They bring your vision to life by writing clean, efficient code, and implementing innovative solutions to address the unique challenges of your project.

Quality Assurance Specialists

Ensure the flawless performance of your software with our Quality Assurance Specialists. They rigorously test every aspect of your solution, identifying and rectifying any issues to guarantee a high-quality, bug-free end product.

Project Managers (PM)

Experience streamlined project execution with our seasoned Project Managers. They oversee every phase of development, ensuring efficient coordination, timely delivery, and effective communication to keep your project on track.

DevOps Experts

Enhance collaboration between development and operations with our DevOps Experts. They streamline workflows, automate processes, and optimize infrastructure to ensure seamless integration and continuous delivery of your software.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Boost your online presence and engage your target audience with the expertise of our Digital Marketing Specialists. They formulate and execute effective marketing strategies, driving visibility and success for your software products.

Advantages Of Hire A Dedicated Development Team

Access to specialized skills

Our dedicated team brings a diverse range of skills and expertise, enabling you to leverage their knowledge and experience for your project's success. You can access our pool of talented and well-qualified developers, designers, testers, business analysts, and customer care specialists who have extensive experience in various domains and technologies.

Efficient project execution

With a dedicated team, you can focus on your core business while leaving the development tasks to our experts, ensuring efficient project execution. You can also communicate directly with the team members, monitor their progress, and provide your input through regular reports and meetings.

Dedicated Software Developers Recruitment Process

The process of hiring a dedicated development team for your project is a crucial step. JoinToIT personally selects potential specialists for your project and conducts three stages of candidate selection.

Requirements Gathering
We'll arrange meetings with you to grasp your needs and clarify project intricacies and the dedicated team's requirements. Together, we'll devise an initial work timetable and address organizational aspects.
Talent Acquisition
We source candidates from both our internal resources and the open market. Our recruiters carefully select candidates based on agreed-upon requirements and specific skill sets. Then, our HR specialists and technical experts thoroughly review and interview the chosen candidates.
Team Formation
After selecting suitable candidates, we assemble your offshore specialized team based on your requirements and our standards, hire dedicated software developers, or transfer them from our other projects.
Team Integration
After registration, your new team will immediately start working. You can track progress, manage the team, and adjust the staff size as needed. We facilitate communication and collaboration between our and your teams, using our proven project management practices.

Areas Of Responsibility

In a dedicated team engagement, responsibilities are shared between the client and our team. While we handle the day-to-day development tasks, clients are actively involved in project management, providing valuable insights, and maintaining overall control.

Dedicated team

The dedicated team is responsible for delivering the software product according to your specifications and expectations. The team follows the best practices of agile development and provides you with regular updates and demos. The team also adheres to the code quality standards and security guidelines.


The client is responsible for providing the project vision and requirements, as well as feedback and approval. The client also has the final say on the project scope and priorities. The client can communicate with the team directly or through the project manager.

Client Testimonials

Client reviews, like nothing else, will tell you how our bespoke approach to software development exceeds expectations and creates robust solutions for your business

Alex Gold CEO at Orcatec
Since engaging with them, we’ve had almost 300 daily users on our platform, which is huge because we charge $50 per user. Overall, they’ve exceeded my financial and creative expectations — I’m 100% satisfied with their work. They’ve done great in terms of budgets and timelines; they don’t deliver empty promises.
Henry Cho Digital Product Manager of Spinning
The project was to create a video on demand service for in-door cycling classes filmed by Spinning Master Instructors. These classes are shot on location in Los Angeles and delivered to subscribers via iOS and Android applications. The app has seen very large increase in subscriber base and low churn. Ease of use and cost of maintenance are extremely low.
Bhavin Swaly COO & Co-founder at Hotel Bonanza
Join.To.It has significantly raised the site's standard of quality, resolving a lot of issues we had with the previous version built by another vendor. They're very responsive and proactive about using project management tools, including Trello, Bitbucket, Slack, and Skype. We also hold daily standup meetings, so nothing falls through the cracks.
Anila Hasaj Product Manager
Artem and JoinToIT team did a great job at creating and pushing to live our software as well as supporting it and updating in production. We’ve been cooperating with the team since 2019 on many various projects. Team proved that they have great quality and great support as well as timely and professional communication.
Ruairi Tubrid COO of Beaubella.io
The team at Join.to.it created and delivered a very complex end to end booking platform for medical tourism inclusive of all travel elements. They do their best to support you as a start up and we are very happy to continue working with them on a maintenance front and for any future platform developments.
Kyle Campbell Owner
My goal was to build an amazing, highly customized platform. I can draw up anything imaginable and give it to them, and they will do it. Other programmers complained about my specifications, but Join.To.It was the first and only firm I found that was willing to build whatever I wanted. They keep things quite organized. The project manager sends regular updates, including new work estimates to approve. I can also chat with both developers about what they’re working on in real time.

Reasons Why Choose JoinToIT As A Dedicated Team Of Developers For Hire

With a dedicated development company, Join.To.IT, you will obtain access to exceptional talents and a high level of communication at all stages of collaboration.

Professional Software Engineers

Talented software development engineers in our team not only possess modern technologies and skills but also employ a strategic approach to development. They deliver not just code but complete functional solutions that align with your business needs.

Domain Knowledge

Many of our technical specialists, project managers, and software engineers are holders of valuable industry expertise. Our expertise spans various sectors, including Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Construction, e-Commerce, and beyond.

Regular Reports & Communication

We prioritize transparent communication, ensuring clients are well-informed at every stage and have the flexibility to modify project directions whenever necessary.

Agile Methodology

This approach allows our teams to adapt swiftly to customer requirements, ensuring timely adjustments and enhancing product quality through continuous testing.


How to choose a dedicated development team?
To choose the right dedicated development team, start by defining your project requirements, assessing the available budget, determining the preferred region for sourcing a dedicated team, and researching the companies in the market. Narrow down the list by selecting companies with relevant projects and domains. Contact them to obtain specific proposals.
How to figure out if a dedicated development team are professionals?
Assessing a dedicated development team's professionalism involves reviewing their portfolio, client testimonials, and having open communication. Our track record and client testimonials speak volumes about our professionalism at JoinToIT.
Should I hire a dedicated team instead of hiring in-house?
The decision between hiring a dedicated team and an in-house team depends on your project's scope, budget, and timeline. A dedicated team offers flexibility and expertise without the long-term commitments associated with in-house hires.
How can I manage a dedicated team?
Managing a dedicated team is simple with our collaborative approach. You'll have a dedicated project manager as your main contact person, making communication and coordination between your team and ours smooth.
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