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Custom Mobile Application Development Services

In the era of mobile dominance, having a powerful and engaging mobile app is crucial for businesses to connect with their customers, drive brand loyalty, and enhance user experiences. Whether you're a well-established company or a startup breathing life into a unique product, our custom mobile app development solutions will transform your concept into reality, ensuring flawless functionality across different platforms.

Native Mobile App Development

Experience peak performance with apps tailored exclusively for your chosen platform — iOS or Android. Our top talent engineers will help you craft applications with unique platform features, ensuring a smooth, premium user experience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Fast and cost-effective app development is possible with Hybrid Mobile Apps. As a custom mobile app development company, we blend the advantages of web development and native apps, swiftly creating mobile applications with the ability to customizable and share code efficiently.

Cross-Platform App Development

Swift and budget-friendly, our Cross-Platform App Development ensures your app reaches a broader audience. Crafted using proprietary frameworks, these apps work seamlessly on iOS, Android, and other platforms, offering a consistent user experience across diverse devices.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development

The success of a mobile app relies on the balance between business strategy, user experience, and technical efficiency. Custom mobile app development services by Join.To.IT provides additional advantages

Deep Understanding of Your Business

Our approach is all about digging into the nitty-gritty of your business needs and strategies. We don't just craft digital products; we bring customized solutions that perfectly align with your unique challenges and business goals.

Expert Teams Across Specialties

In our custom mobile application development company, we bring together professionals from various fields, from business analysts to quality assurance testers. The collaboration of expert teams enables us to maintain a high level of competence at every stage of development.

Flexibility and Adaptability to Changes

We strive for flexibility in tackling the toughest challenges. Our ability to swiftly adapt to changes in projects is a competitive advantage, ensuring the successful implementation of any project.

High-Level Communication with Clients

Our high level of communication with clients is an integral part of custom mobile application development services, involving regular updates from teams on the project's progress. We create a transparent collaboration environment where every step is visible and understandable for our clients.

Our Platforms and Technologies

To deliver top-notch custom mobile app development services, we utilize cutting-edge platforms and technologies, ensuring the creation of reliable and customization mobile solutions

We leverage a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Swift, SwiftUI, CocoaPods, RxSwift, SwiftLint, and CircleCI, to create unparalleled mobile applications for iOS devices, encompassing iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

iOS App Development

We leverage a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Swift, SwiftUI, CocoaPods, RxSwift, SwiftLint, and CircleCI, to create unparalleled mobile applications for iOS devices, encompassing iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

Android App Development

By harnessing contemporary tools like Kotlin, Java, Graddle, Dagger2, JetPack, Coroutines, and Fastlane, we possess the capability to craft high-quality and dependable mobile applications tailored for Android devices, spanning Android Mobile, Android Tablet, and Android TV.

Cross Platform Development

We harness web technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and JavaScript to engineer high-performance hybrid applications for mobile devices and tablets.

Wearable Devices

Utilizing web technologies like Java, Kotlin, Swift, and C++, we specialize in the development of specialized applications for Smartwatches App, Apple Watch App, and Android Wear App.

Mobile App Development Process

Our custom mobile application development process follows an Agile methodology, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes in requirements. We actively engage with clients to ensure that the developed product aligns with their expectations

We conduct in-depth discussions to understand your app requirements, target audience, and business goals.
UI/UX Design
Our UX/UI experts create visually appealing and user-friendly app designs, considering the unique aspects of your brand and industry.
Our skilled developers bring the mobile app design to life, utilizing industry best practices and adhering to coding standards.
We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the app performs flawlessly, providing a seamless user experience across smartphones and platforms.
Once the app is thoroughly tested and approved, we assist with the deployment and launch process on app stores or enterprise distribution channels.
Maintenance and Support
We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your app stays up-to-date and performs optimally.

Industries Served

Our deep client engagement enables us to tailor mobile phone app solutions to address specific business goals and gain a competitive edge in their niche. Our experience spans across various industries, including

Banking & Financial Services

Deliver secure, scalable solutions for seamless transactions and data management


Optimize operations with automation, real-time tracking, and predictive maintenance

Health care & Fitness

Enhance patient care and fitness experiences through telemedicine, wearables, and personalized apps

Gas & Oil Production

Streamline production, monitor assets, and ensure safety with IoT and data analytics

Transportation and Logistics

Enable efficient route planning, tracking, and inventory management for smooth operations

Restaurant Order & Food Delivery

Power online orders, deliveries, and customer engagement for restaurants

Construction Services

Manage projects, resources, and timelines effectively with project management tools

Retail E-commerce

Create engaging online stores with personalized shopping, payment gateways, and inventory management

Tourism & Hospitality

Offer booking platforms, guest management, and experiences to enhance the hospitality sector

Government and State Contractors

Develop secure, compliant solutions for public services and contract management

Your case is not on the list?

If your industry is not listed, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and market opportunities, develop a comprehensive project plan, and estimate the necessary expenses. To validate your idea and calculate the return on investment, we can start by creating an MVP. Let's discuss your business requirements to find the optimal solution for you!

Case Studies

A digital partnership birthing cutting-edge mobile products. Explore how we've assisted our clients in achieving their business goals through personalized mobile solutions

Client Testimonials

Client reviews, like nothing else, will tell you how our bespoke approach to software development exceeds expectations and creates robust solutions for your business

Alex Gold CEO at Orcatec
Since engaging with them, we’ve had almost 300 daily users on our platform, which is huge because we charge $50 per user. Overall, they’ve exceeded my financial and creative expectations — I’m 100% satisfied with their work. They’ve done great in terms of budgets and timelines; they don’t deliver empty promises.
Henry Cho Digital Product Manager of Spinning
The project was to create a video on demand service for in-door cycling classes filmed by Spinning Master Instructors. These classes are shot on location in Los Angeles and delivered to subscribers via iOS and Android applications. The app has seen very large increase in subscriber base and low churn. Ease of use and cost of maintenance are extremely low.
Bhavin Swaly COO & Co-founder at Hotel Bonanza
Join.To.It has significantly raised the site's standard of quality, resolving a lot of issues we had with the previous version built by another vendor. They're very responsive and proactive about using project management tools, including Trello, Bitbucket, Slack, and Skype. We also hold daily standup meetings, so nothing falls through the cracks.
Anila Hasaj Product Manager
Artem and JoinToIT team did a great job at creating and pushing to live our software as well as supporting it and updating in production. We’ve been cooperating with the team since 2019 on many various projects. Team proved that they have great quality and great support as well as timely and professional communication.
Ruairi Tubrid COO of
The team at created and delivered a very complex end to end booking platform for medical tourism inclusive of all travel elements. They do their best to support you as a start up and we are very happy to continue working with them on a maintenance front and for any future platform developments.
Kyle Campbell Owner
My goal was to build an amazing, highly customized platform. I can draw up anything imaginable and give it to them, and they will do it. Other programmers complained about my specifications, but Join.To.It was the first and only firm I found that was willing to build whatever I wanted. They keep things quite organized. The project manager sends regular updates, including new work estimates to approve. I can also chat with both developers about what they’re working on in real time.


How much does it cost to build a custom mobile app?
The cost of developing a custom mobile app depends on well-defined project requirements, existing mobile app design, the platform (iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform), and the complexity of features. However, the cost of developing a mobile app from scratch can range from $5,000 to $50,000 or more. To estimate the cost of your app, fill out the form on our website for a free consultation.
What is the meaning of custom application development?
Custom mobile application development is the process of creating unique and tailored mobile applications from scratch based on the specific needs considering the individual goals, requirements, features, and branding of the client or business. This approach allows for a highly personalized and optimized solution that provides a competitive edge in the digital landscape.
How long will it take to build a mobile app?
The timeline for app development depends on various factors, such as app complexity, features, platforms, and the availability of required resources. Simple apps with basic functionality may take a few weeks, while complex apps with advanced features can take several months. Before providing custom mobile app development services, we will provide you with a project timeline based on your specific app requirements.
Why Choose Join.To.It Mobile App Development Services?
Join.To.IT offers comprehensive mobile app development services backed by our team of experts. We provide a client-centric approach, cutting-edge technologies, rigorous quality assurance, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. With our expertise, we ensure that your mobile app aligns with your business goals, engages your target audience, and provides a seamless user experience.
Do You Cover Every Stage In The Development Cycle?
Yes. Our custom mobile application development services cover every stage of the mobile app development cycle, from initial ideation and requirement analysis to design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance and support. Our comprehensive services ensure that you have a reliable partner at every step of the app development journey.
What Criteria A Custom Mobile Application Development Company Should Be Chosen?
The best app development company depends on your specific needs and requirements. It is essential to consider factors such as experience, expertise, portfolio, client testimonials, and the ability to deliver high-quality apps within the defined timeline and budget. When choosing a mobile app development company, you can trust the experience and commitment to the quality of JoinToIT.
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